Salon Nathaniel Policies

Salon Nathaniel makes every effort to ensure that its guests are highly satisfied with each experience with our salon.  To help us provide the highest quality service to all guests, we have instituted the following policies.

Cancellation Policy / Appointment No Shows

When you forget to cancel your reservation without giving at least 24 hours notice, we miss the opportunity to fill the reservation time. Our reservations are confirmed 48 hours in advance, either by text, phone or email, because we realize it is easy to forget a reservation. As a result, the following policy will apply:

  • No Shows:  Guests who do not show for a scheduled reservation will be required to pay 50% of the service planned for that reservation.  Salon Nathaniel reserves the right to charge your authorized credit card.
  • Cancellations: Guests who cancel within 48 hours will not be charged anything on their credit card.  Guests who cancel 24 hours or less on a reservation will be charged 50% of the scheduled service. 
  • New Guest Policy: A new guest booking a service will require a credit card to reserve all future salon reservations.  

Customer Satisfaction

At Salon Nathaniel and Salon Nathaniel Signature we pride ourselves on our customer service and the exceptional quality of our work.  We will do our very best to ensure all guests are satisfied with all services provided.  Due to unforeseen variables, we understand that sometimes things do not go as expected and/or desired results can be miscommunicated.  No matter what, our guest's satisfaction is our number one priority.  We ask that any guest that needs an adjustment to their hair reach out to the salon within 48 hours of their original service.  Please, be aware that shampooing hair within 48 hours will affect what adjustments can be made.  Depending on the nature and cause for the adjustment needed the Salon Manager will determine the proper course of action.  While adjustments can be made, NO REFUNDS will be issued.  By agreeing to the service, the guest agrees to pay the full amount of the service total upon completion of the services that same day.